Forest improvement is a forest management treatment in an immature
stand. It is generally not a commercial harvest since the trees removed have little
value for forest products due to their small size and low quality. This is an investment
in time and money to enhance the forest for a variety of objectives including forest
products, wildlife habitat, aesthetics, and forest health.

The treatments are aimed at improving growing conditions for the remaining trees
and are applied in a variety of ways depending on existing conditions in the forest.  
Examples include:

•        Cleaning and weeding young forest stands to remove poorly formed trees or
undesirable species.

•        Cull tree removal or release harvest to remove older/larger trees and allow
understory trees to grow.

•        Improvement harvest or crop tree release to remove some trees, allowing the
remaining trees receive more sunlight, water, and nutrients. This in effect transfers
the potential growth in a stand to fewer trees.

Connwood provides technical forestry assistance to guide the implementation of
forest improvement practices and (in some cases) can provide timber stand
improvement services.

*Goverment cost-share monies avaialable

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