Forest Stewardship Plans

A forest stewardship plan provides an organized and effective approach
for the long-term protection and use of your forest resources. The plan
also allows you to become aware of the full detail and potential of your
forest. An inventory of the forest’s condition and your stewardship
objectives provide the basis for the recommendations

A plan includes conducting the forest inventory, writing the plan, and
creating detailed forest maps of all significant features (computerized air
photo, soils, and topographic map). Government cost-sharing is available
to pay for up to 75% of the cost of Stewardship plans and can also pay
for part of the cost of many forest stewardship projects (wildlife habitat
improvements, tree thinning, invasive species control).

Plan Contents
General information        
Regional Context        
Water Resources        
Forest Development        
Forest Health        
Forest Management        
Silvicultural Treatments        
Wildlife Habitat       
Wildlife Management        
General Recommendations        
Conservation Easement       
Cultural Resources       

Forest Stand Descriptions / Recommendations   
Stand 1: Hardwood & Pine Sawtimber (38 ACRES)        
Stand 2: High-Quality Hardwoods (31 ACRES)        
Stand 3: Cut-Over Sawtimber (36 ACRES)        
Stand 4: Red Oak Plateau (26 ACRES)        
Stand 5: Red Oak in Laurel (46 ACRES)        
Stand 6: Steep (30 ACRES)        
Stand 7: Pine/Hardwood Sawtimber (40 ACRES)        
Stand 8: Pine Sawimber (28 ACRES)        
Stand 9: Invasive Mix (45 ACRES)        
Stand 10: Western Hardwood Sawimber (20 ACRES)     

Summary of Management Recommendations        
Definitions of Forestry Terms        
Recommended Readings       

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