Timber Sales & Appraisals

Through all of its history, Connwood has planned and administered sales
of standing timber for landowners. Connwood's efforts to achieve sustainable  
forestry on the lands of its clients are intended to surpass standards set by
Connecticut's forest practice legislation.  Connwood represents only the
interests of the landowner. We have no mill to feed, and do not take title to logs
to resell them.  

Connwood Foresters can inventory and appraise the volume and value of timber
for any given parcel. Connwood can also determine a property's timber basis.
The timber basis is the original timber value that was purchased or inherited.
Calculating the basis can result in significant tax savings at time of timber
harvest or at the time of timber loss due to sudden natural forces (ice storm etc.)

Connwood prefers that its foresters be paid for their time and expertise,
rather than by commissions on sales, eliminating suspicion that good
trees are sold prematurely to boost commissions. Timber sale contracts
are written to protect landowners from liability and default. Connwood
works with reputable loggers and timber buyers to facilitate good work in
the woods.

In determining what trees to cut, Connwood can act as an investment
counselor to the landowner in managing their timber portfolio.

Unlike bonds trees are inflation proof investments. Some Connecticut wood
is so good that it is marketed all over the world! Connwood tries to ensure that
landowners receive fair market value for good wood, while removing low-value
trees to increase the growth potential of higher-value trees.

Acting as your agent, CFI will handle all aspects of timber sale preparation and
oversight including the following services:

1. Confirm the location of previously marked and located property boundary

2. Determine cutting area boundaries, access routes to reach the timber to be
harvested and locations for loading logs onto trucks (“landings”);

3. Locate and designate with flagging main “skid roads” (trails in the forest used
to haul logs from the stump to the loading location), streams and wetland
boundaries, stream crossings and wetland crossings;

4. Obtain any required permits, and coordinate activities with local and state

5. Select and designate with paint trees to be harvested (CFI will tally each tree
marked to facilitate an estimate of the amount of useable wood material and its

6. Summarize the information gathered during the sale preparation, notify
reputable buyers, and “show” the sale to potential purchasers;

7. Work with you to develop a sales agreement that protects you and your forest;

8. Solicit bids and help you select the successful purchaser;

9. Ensure that the purchaser posts a cash performance bond, has the
required insurance, and makes payments according to the schedule specified
in the contract;

10. Monitor weekly the ongoing logging operation to ensure compliance
with the terms of the contract;

11. Keep you informed about the status of the project, and notify you when
the job has been completed

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