An essential element of forest management is silviculture. By definition silviculture is
"the theory and practice of controlling regeneration, composition, and growth of stands
of forest vegetation" using knowledge of the life history, characteristics, and ecology of
forest trees. Connwood prescribes, prepares, and applies an array of silvicultural
treatments, including:

Regeneration treatment: cuttings made in mature stands to promote natural

Liberation cutting: made to free a young, sapling stand from competition of older,
overtopping trees.

Thinning: cuttings in immature stands to increase growth in remaining trees.

Crown thinning: certain large trees are removed to favor growth of more promising
neighboring trees.

Improvement cutting: removal of sick, poorly formed, or desirable trees.

Planting: of trees which cannot be established naturally.

Site preparation: mechanical and chemical treatment to reduce unwanted vegetation.

Pruning: removal of lower branches to produce better wood and improve appearance.

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Improvement Thinning in a stand of pine. -
Favors better quality timber and leaves a
higher valued stand.