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Thank you again for the wonderfully detailed forest stewardship plan and assistance in obtaining
the PA490 status for our #27 and #89 rear lots. You have made my life much easier, particularly
since I live on the west coast, and I am grateful. We look forward to implementing your
recommendations during our next visit. In addition, I will with the CT Farmland Trust about wehn
and how we can get started on the NRCS wetland fixes you discussed. So many exciting projects!

Anne Fellows on 5/1/17

Starting in 1955, my father engaged CONNWOOD to help us plan and execute improvements to
our woodland in Sharon CT.  For sixty years he, and more recently, I have relied on their excellent
services and advice, coordinating many of our projects with the USDA and acquiring forest
improvement subsidies under several federal programs.  These have included thinning, culling,
removal of invasive species, animal habitat improvement, removal of diseased species,
underplanting, fire suppression activities, release cuts, and limited harvest cuts. Since 1990 I
have followed the guidance laid out in formal ten-year Forest Stewardship Plans prepared by
CONNWOOD and the result has been a well- tended, ascetically pleasing, sustainable mixed
age and mixed species forest with patches set aside for early successional growth animal
habitat, and stream and wetlands protection.  I have been very pleased with CONNWOODS
actions as my agent when negotiating with loggers, or defining potential USDA programs that I
might be able to participate in.

-Peter Modley on 1/22/16

Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013 10:31 AM
Subject: RE: Schulde Harvest


It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of the Connwood Foresters staff on this project.  
Your planning skills seemed to take every detail into account; and communication was
impeccable from pre-planning through final inspection.  I would be happy to serve as a reference
any time  - it would be a pleasure to confirm your professional skills and the reliability of the
contractors and sub-contractors that you engaged.  John Wolfe, the actual logger, was as careful
as you with every aspect of the woodland environment - minimizing impact on soil and wildlife.

Wishing you the best with your future projects . . .

Mike Schulde

I'm sorry for the delay. I had a serious injury to my right hand which resulted in a long recovery
and treatment. I placed the Connwood invoice in the wrong place and made an oversight. Again I
appologize for the delay and would definately use your forester again. Very Knowledgeable

Thank you,
David R Harris
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