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Baseline Documentation Reports

When a conservation easement is sold or donated to a conservation organization (land trust or
government entity); the landowner is handing over the development rights. The holder of the easement is
responsible to ensure that the terms of the easement are maintained in perpetuity. The conservation
organization has then taken on the responsibility of monitoring the condition of the property to detect any
changes that are in violation of the terms of the easement. In order to do so a baseline documentation
report is needed.  Examples of monitored changes include unauthorized structures, land use, dumping etc.
The documentation of the conditions of the property at the time of easement creation are needed as a
baseline from which to compare any future conditions of the property.  The IRS requires a baseline report
for any property/landowner seeking a income tax deduction for the donation of a conservation
easement/restriction.  Connwood has the knowledge and experience to prepare these reports in any level
of detail required

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