For over 60 years, Connwood's foresters have planned and executed all sorts of
woodland treatments. These are designed to produce such benefits as timber,
clean water, wildlife of many kinds, Christmas trees, or simply beautiful forests.
Connwood works with landowners to set forest management objectives, and
design treatments to meet them.

Underlined services are links to more information.

Forest Stewardship Plans                 Connecticut PA 490 Forestland Classification

Property Tax Savings                        Timber Sales and Appraisals

Watershed Services                           Forest Stand Improvement

Christmas Tree Culture                      Baseline Documentation Report

Permit Acquisition                              Boundary Location and Maintenance

Silviculture                                            Forest Mapping (GIS/GPS)

Recreational Services                                Invasives/Vine Control     

Arboriculture/Urban Forestry              Forestscaping

Tree Protection Plans                        USDA Technical Service Providers

Expert Witness Services
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