Tree Protection Plans
Why protect trees?

• Improved quality of life for the homeowner and the community

• Trees have market appeal that increases property values by over 20%

• Trees improve a home’s performance by, decreasing heating and cooling costs,
reducing sun bleaching, buffering road noise,removing air pollution and particulates,
and providing privacy

• Reduce long-term tree maintenance costs

• Improve health and beauty of the trees on the lots

• Protect desirable trees from root damage due to excavation, soil compaction, and      
grade changes

• Improve ease and ability to acquire town permits

• The developer is in control of what trees are removed and what trees remain such
that the best trees for a residential environment remain intact and healthy.

Questions we can answer
• What trees are healthy
• What trees are best for a residential environment
• What trees will most easily survive construction
• What trees are pest/disease free and long-lived
• What trees could pose a future hazard
• What trees to keep and what trees to remove

• Planning to retain the trees that meet your goals
• Tree inventory and mapping (GIS and GPS)
• Municipal permitting assistance
• Timber appraisal and marketing
• Flagging and mapping of the trees to remain and the disturbance limits
• Protecting trees from construction damage
• Creating views with the least environmental impact
• Boundary location and marking
• Invasive species control
• Property tax savings
• Forestscaping

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