Watershed Services

Connwood is a well-recognized leader in servicing water supply
properties for both public and private utilities. Our long-term planning
and administration of these properties ensures forest health and water
quality. We aim to optimize the sustainable flow of wood product
revenues, while ensuring a high-quality water supply on the lands we
service. Specific watershed services include:

-   Maintain boundary markings and signs to prevent unauthorized
trespass and encroachment. This is particularly important to prevent
harmful dumping and ATV-caused erosion.

-   GIS/GPS mapping to aid in maintenance and monitoring of water
supply properties

-   Create a sustainable revenue stream from timber harvesting that
promotes a diverse mosaic of tree species, ages and sizes. Such a
mosaic makes a forest more resilient to forest-wide disturbances (insect,
disease, wind, fire, ice) that can have a significant impact on water quality
and forest integrity. The process of tree removal and resulting new
growth maximizes the absorption of excess nutrients and pollutants from
the watershed into revenue-producing wood products.

-    Control and reduce the spread of undesirable invasive species that
occupy the growing space of native flora, which then leads to a
breakdown of the ecology of forests. Current forest research is showing
a significant increase in sedimentation and erosion on lands dominated
by understory invasive shrubs.

-     Maintain conifers around the shores of reservoirs through planting
and the control of undesirable deciduous competitors. The conifers act
as a leafscreen by preventing hardwood leaves from blowing into the
reservoir. Hardwood leaves are undesirable because they create a bitter
water taste, discolor the water, cause eutrophication (loss of oxygen in
the water), clog water intake pipes and reduce reservoir capacity.

-     Mow/brushcut reservoir dams and dam structures: State agencies
require that no woody vegetation (trees, shrubs, vines) be allowed to
grow on dam structures and within 20’ of the toe of dams.

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